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induro® GP Seal Floor Sealer and Primer

This state-of-the-art wood warming waterborne floor sealer and primer is formulated to enhance the natural appearance and grain of all types of wooden flooring. Use before overcoating with induro® XL1…


induro® ISO Floor Sealer

This product is formulated from quality shellacs and alcohol to produce a fast drying floor sealer and primer with excellent clarity. Specifically designed for use on timbers such as tropical hardwood…


induro® XL1 Floor Lacquer

A fully crosslinked single-pack polyurethane clear flooring lacquer with excellent clarity and non-yellowing properties. As induro® XL1 floor lacquer comes fully crosslinked, there are no pot-life lim…


induro® NATRO%

A dead-matt, 0% sheen fully crosslinked single-pack waterborne polyurethane offering enhanced performance compared to other single pack waterborne floor coatings. As induro® NATRO% comes fully crossli…


induro® XL2 Floor Lacquer

An extremely tough yet flexible fast-drying waterborne polyurethane two pack coating offering enhanced chemical and mechanical resistance. XL2 is perfect for solid and engineered wood floors with medi…


induro® SPORT Floor Lacquer

induro® SPORT is a tough resilient two pack waterborne polyurethane coating especially formulated to be used on sports floors. Accredited with BS EN 15301 for rotational resistance and BS EN 14904 dry…


induro® XLA ANTI-SLIP Floor Lacquer

Anti-slip lacquer for wood floors. induro® XLA ANTI-SLIP meets wet slip accreditation BS 7976-2. Designed to reduce slip potential in bars, clubs, hospitals, schools, shopping centres and all other hi…


induro® XLO Natural Floor Oil

These oils are formulated with a blend of urethane and natural oils for use on all types of solid and engineered flooring, such as parquet. They produce a smooth, natural finish with excellent resista…


induro® Acid-Catalyst Flooring Lacquer

A quick drying, low odour, high build acid-catalyst lacquer designed for application to wooden flooring by mohair roller, big-foot applicator or T-bar. induro® Acid-Catalyst Flooring Lacquer is availa…


induro® Floor Maintenance Products

Specifically designed to compliment the induro® range of floor coatings. These products are not suitable for areas where high levels of water are present, for example bathrooms and swimming pool walkw…


induro® Mix'n'Fill Filler

A cellulose-based binding medium for mixing with sanding dusts to produce a fast-drying filler for use in filling nail holes, splits/shakes and gaps between joints up to 5mm in width/depth.



induro® is the ultimate complement to a wooden floor with a deep natural colouration and extreme resistance to wear while offering protection antimicrobial protection against E.coli, A. niger, MRSA, Salmonella, Listeria and other harmful bacteria. 

induro® lacquers provide extremely strong yet flexible coatings offering outstanding chemical and mechanical resistance. When used in conjunction with the correct sealer, they produce finishes with excellent clarity and wood-warming, and are perfectly suited to domestic and commercial soft- and hardwood floors for resistance to medium-to-high traffic.

The range consists of waterborne and isolating shellac sealers, waterborne polyurethane one-packtwo-pack, anti-slipslip-resistant sport and dead-matt lacquers, acid-catalyst flooring lacqueroils and maintenance products.

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