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holzol® Floor-Oil

A blend of urethane, natural oils and hybrid resins designed to achieve a tough floor finish and enhance grain definition on all types of solid and engineered floors. Water and dirt repellent, soft to the touch yet extremely durable. Suitable for all domestic and commercial floors. holzol® Floor-Oil is available in 10% matt and 30% satin sheens, as well as Anti-Slip and UV-Curable Floor Oil variants for mass production.

  • Pack Size: 1L & 2.5L
  • Dry & Overcoat: 3 - 4 hours each for clears, 4 - 6 hours each for pigmented
  • Coverage: 12 - 28m² per litre dependent upon the application method, absorbency and surface quality of the timber being coated
  • Safety: Dispose used rags immediately in water. Conforms to EN71-3:2013, 2004/42/EC in Scope

Product Codes

7FL/00/10 10% Sheen Floor Oil Clear
7FL/00/30 30% Sheen Floor Oil Clear
7AS/00/10 10% Sheen Anti-Slip Floor Oil Clear
7WO/00/00 Dead-Matt Waxy Oil Clear
7FL/01/10 10% Sheen Floor Oil Walnut
7FL/02/10 10% Sheen Floor Oil Oak
7FL/03/10 10% Sheen Floor Oil Grey
7FL/04/10 10% Sheen Floor Oil Cherry
7FL/05/10 10% Sheen Floor Oil Honey
7FL/06/10 10% Sheen Floor Oil White


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  • Oak


  • Walnut


  • Grey


  • Cherry


  • Honey


  • White